Last night a…song saved my life!

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There are numerous posts all around the web about a successful wedding playlist, about trending songs for an impressive wedding entrance or a romantic first dance, as well as for every “special situation” during a wedding reception. All these posts are “bride and groom oriented”, as most of the times, it’s them who seek ideas and inspiration and it really makes sense. Modern couples always tend to impress by selecting tracks that are fancy, but at the same time, they want music that express their personality and their personal style.

In this post we choose to see things from our perspective, from the DJ’s point of view. Which are the songs making the difference from a burning dancefloor to a liquid fire one? Which are the songs to save the day when mood is on the floor (and we don’t mean the dancing one)? SoundVoice’s wedding DJs team reveals:


Greek Wedding


International Wedding



SoundVoice wedding DJs team: Fotis Langaris, Nikos Salpadimas, Paolo Savvas, Antonis Kechagiadakis, Apostolos ChouliarasKonstantino Polizois, Christoforos Antonatos

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Cover photo: Dinos Cottrell