Sound Engineering

Where it all begins!

Crystal sound for any occasion with results guaranteed.

We can cover the sound demands for events as small as 20 people ones to a full-blown concert. Our fine equipment is of high technology and can fulfill the sound requirements of conferences, corporate presentations, theatrical performances, parties, even the most complex events. It includes speakers, P.A., amplifiers, consoles, cable or wireless microphones, conference translation systems, and more.


The right audio and visual broadcast is the A and Z of an event’s general success. The big bet for venues, bars, clubs, cafés and every gathering place is noise pollution that can lead to displeased neighbours or even challenge social and legal regulations.

CSA 85 is a revolutionary innovation that can respond to noise constrictions effectivelly and efficiently plus at a trully affordable price as its cost does not exceed that of most conventional sound systems of equal specifications.

It has been already installed in many venues in Greece where its efficiency and effectiveness have been verified to an extent of 24-30 db noise reduction at only 10-15 m. away from the sound source (speaker)! For exapmle, if the sound reproduction is 100 db (a typical club playing volume), the volume drops lower than 80 db only 20 meters away. Given that in most venues the highest pitch reaches 90 db, the noise reduction within the venue boundaries is literally dramatic, preserving law compliance and nearby residents’ peace and tranquility. In addition, the system is defined by high quality sound reproduction with remarkable performance even at lower frequencies.